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Default To Click3: Butterfly shoot

Hello Robert! Thanks for your critiques and welcome to TE! Ill visit your gallery soon!
Ive shoot this butterfly with my very basic camera. Ive taken pictures with a Sony Cybershot P10, and I shoot this one using the close up option, just it.
I am planning to visit Santiago next september. Considering I am planning to buy a canon slr in a few days (probably in Paraguay), I would like to know if you can suggest me any camera store's name in Santiago, maybe to visit by Internet and quote some stuff like optional lenses, extra batteries, filters, etc, because it is too expensive in Brazil and maybe could be a good idea to buy it in Chile. I will be visiting Santiago with my family to celebrate my parents 50 years anniversary. Its a lot of time to be married and they choose your beautiful country to visit. But we just will be visiting Santiago and surroundings like Via del Mar and Vale Nevado.
Thanks for your critique and for any help.
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