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Default Time differences.....

Hi Rosemary,

Mmmm. After a quick check on the good ol' "interweb", I see that Vancouver is "behind" London time by eight hours so it must be "behind" Italy by ten. Most people (myself included) probably don't change the "clock" on their camera when they go on holiday so that would suggest he took the picture at around 21.30 - which, I suppose, is just feasible and would certainly explain the warmth of the light though I would suspect at that latitude it would have been very much darker by that time of day, even in early June.

Yes, I agree, the foreground flowers do make a wonderful foreground in your picture while in Craig's it is the harbour itself which provides most foreground interest. And, hee, hee, do you know something? I looked at yours and really, really studied that foreground and the earth around the flowers too - in search if a stray fag end - but, I'm pleased to say, I could find none!

Take Care.

Kind Regards,

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