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Default To ifege: Samos & Covid

Hi Ian

Stay safe as I'm not sure that your local town would have vaccines if you're not already both double vaccinated. As you know all vaccines to regional NSW have been redirected to Sydney and they are taking their time replacing them. Not only that but 50% of the Singapore vax doses went to Sydney as well leaving all other States short. Waiting on arrival of the UK Pfizer vaccines in Qld. None of the other States begrudge the Polish vaccines going to Sydney. You don't strike me as the tin foil hat conspiracy theory type either. There is a small % of people scared of taking any vaccines. I didn't think the Samos road was all that bad. Skippers Canyon in NZ was much worse and skidding on the icy road from Darjeeling with 2000 foot drops after a minor collision with an oncoming car in India was much worse.
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