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Default Re: How to watermark your images- tips for new TE users


I appreciate the time you took to reply to my post. However, as this is a matter of personal opinion and perspective I haven't much to say in reply. Everyone is free to do as they like with their property- I am a professional photographer, and as such my images are my property. I have chosen to watermark my images simply because they are mine. I have not yet had an issue with copyright infringement from this site, but if I do I absolutely will pursue my rights to my image to the best of my legal ability. If you choose not to protect your images with a watermark, or to pursue thieves of your images that is your choice and your right. If you disagree and choose not to protect your property there's no purpose in complaining about other people protecting theirs. If you dislike looking at images with watermarks then you have the option not to look at them.

To me a watermark is like a bike lock- does it prevent a professional from coming along and stealing my bike? Of course not- a pro can cut through the lock in less than 5 minutes. Does it prevent opportunity theft simply because my bike isn't locked and is free for the taking? Absolutely. The watermark is not meant to prove that the image is mine- the data embedded in the image shows that it is mine. The watermark is like the bike lock- it prevents theft from opportunity, and discourages others from trying.

I put this post up for newbies- many of whom have no idea that TE has become a huge target for photo thieves. They have a right to know what the level of theft is from this site, the problems that TE people have had enforcing their copyrights, etc. All photographers, whether professional or amateur should have the option to decide whether watermarking is for them or not, and should not feel pressure to not do it from those who think it is useless.

Your post does not make me any less inclined to watermark my images, nor will I cease to watermark them simply because someone on TE thinks it's stupid. I respect your opinion and your right to not watermark, and I simply ask that you respect mine and my choice to watermark whether you think it is useless or not.

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