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Default Re: How to watermark your images- tips for new TE users


As I said- this is a point which has a personal opinion element. Our opinions are vastly different, and the laws in our countries are very different as well. I certainly do not advocate special status for professional photographers. Here in the US I've never heard anything of the kind. If that is the status in Germany and you find it upsetting to encourage that practice, I certainly understand your reasoning. But every country is different. Here in the US there is no system like that, and in many countries that are the worst offenders of intellectual property rights there is not a system like that either.

My watermark alerts a potential thief that I am monitoring my image. It does not prevent a pro from swiping my image and cloning out the watermark. It doesn't prevent someone from cropping the image either and using some part of it. But it does prevent the sort of casual image theft that is going on on the web, and TE is a main target for this sort of image stealing. You feel that amateurs have nothing to lose, but that is not true. Encouraging all people to protect their images means fewer images being stolen period. Something stolen is something stolen whether you are a pro or not. Many people online use watermarks, amateurs and pros. Perhaps not on TE, but that is a choice that individuals are making. I think your images are very good quality- there is a vast range of what people consider "good enough to steal" and some of the jpegs I've seen in travel brochures and online are horrible quality. But the people who swiped those images didn't think so. :)

As I previously stated- people who are new on TE need to know that their images can be stolen. They also need to know that they can do something about that, no matter how small a thing it is, and that they have a right to what is their intellectual property, amateur or not. They also have the right to choose whether to give that image to someone for free or to sell it to them for a cost. Just because an amateur gives someone an image for free doesn't mean that that image isn't of some value.

I am perfectly aware of the difficulty level in removing a watermark- I place my watermarks individually in order to reduce obtrusiveness and yet maximize difficulty to remove. It is easy to remove a watermark from a solid space, but a space that is multi tonal and varied in texture is more difficult. It can be done but it takes longer and is very annoying. :)

Hopefully this discussion will serve to encourage new users to decide what they think about watermarks and whether they want to protect their images in this way or not. And I hope all amateur photographers will think about their images in a new light.

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