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Default Re: How to watermark your images- tips for new TE users

Hi Kristi,

just to clear up a little misunderstandung: that law never entered parliament, was never written, the idea was brought to public attention to test the water, and failed. I've lived in the States (not far from you, in Wisconsin) and in Germany and actually, the legal situations in our countries are not very different.

I feel I have little or nothing to loose if someone uses my images. And no, I don't understand what an an amateur has to loose, but if they have strong feelings about it, sure, they should make their images unviewable with a huge and solid watermark... :-)

What we can fully agree on, is that everybody needs to be aware of all possible consequences of posting images on the web, and it's great if people make conscious decisions about the all things related. We are just hoping that outcome is a different one. :-)

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