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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

Just read this huge thread and needed to go out and smell the flowers for a bit to clear the head... I do like the sound of the rating system, but knowing human nature, people would find a way to get something for themselves other than the intended purpose... in regards to the points system, has anyone thought/suggested/considered the option of 'restricting' the number of photos submitted per person, by only allowing one post every five days instead of every 24 hours? - In regards to critiquing, reducing the amount to say five per day, and one of these has to be either a non-critiqued photo or a new member (ie. one with less than a certain amount of submitted photos and points)... reducing not increasing, would place extra emphasis and vaalue to the individual submitting, in their view, something worth being critiqued and thereby reducing the 'value' of the points currently being given out... and as a result, people would receive considered critiques, which I felt (wrongly or rightly) was the thrust of the comments in this thread... in any case, just my opinion. Cheers, Joff.
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