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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

"Either the note, the title, the PP, the framing, or a combination of them all. I don't know. It just seems like more a look at my photos and I'll look at yours and we'll all be happy kind of thing. There really is nothing wrong with that."

Further people seem to think that only the good photos deserve critiques and/or that honest is only associated with negative comments. In fact, as several people have said, "If points bug you turn them off." I have one person, on whose work I never fail to comment, that has turned the points off. Often when people comment that they'll be back to add the smile, I respond, "It's not important, it's the discussion I value." Since the points don't matter to me, I give two since it matters a lot to some people. Long ago, I tried the honest thing with one smile to people who said they were only interested in honesty - and oh the furor!! "Why did you pick THAT picture to comment?" My response that, "The photo with the fewest points is the one that most needed comments," did NOT soothe.
I have a rule that if someone takes the time to comment on one of my photos, I will comment on theirs. However, I also seek out photos with no/few points and comment on a few each day. Then too, it's fun to follow a new TE member; it is amazing to me that everyone improves.

WRITING critiques is of real value; trying to describe what I like about a photo has made me see things differently. There is a great difference in finding the good points about about as post and saying a fuzzy picture is sharp - (Altho as one commented, sharp isn't always the right choice for a photo.) Further if someone has already commented that the horizon isn't level there's no need to beat the poor fellow to death with that fact. If something looks off about a photo, I will try a WS for my own learning because I have gotten some excellent help from WS. If I can make no difference, I don't post it and sometimes don't even mention the fact that I tried.

I also agree with your comment, "I also think this site is alot about travel also, and less about photography" I actually came to the forums looking for more information about Myanmar. To me, what I find here about the world is much more honest and relevant than what I find in my newspaper. Sadly the regime's crackdown on information seems to have succeeded in pushing this topic out of both the news and TE.

Joff commented about limits on posting and critiques and of course those limits that already exist are part of what makes TE work. Finally, I'm sad to hear that TE is sold, yet I'm pleased that Adam was able to make his great idea work so well for him. It's the interaction that makes TE work and the points are the candy for which people interact
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