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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

Just being honest here: while I no longer often write lengthy critiques, I do always try to find something specific in a photo to comment on so as to be helpful. I might indicate an effective composition, a superb use of color, the use of a particular point of view, etc. I agree that simply saying that "it's a great shot!" isn't very helpful. However, I used to leave longer critiques that addressed many facets of a photo. This thread makes me want to do that again once in a while.

Also, I don't feel that there exists a quality standard for photography. As I myself have experienced here, I have improved over time, and I've seen others improve as well. I'm much more hesitant to leave a negative comment on a photo of a photographer I don't know. But if I see in someone's work I admire a suggestion that might improve the photo, I often say so.
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