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Default To Royaldevon: Skating

Hello Bev,

This year, the skaters have to reserve a time to skate, and then once they're on the ice they get a set amount of time. This ensures that only a limited number of people will be on the ice at one time. While I was there, I heard the announcement that one of the sessions was ending, and for all skaters to leave the ice.

There is also a similar system currently set up to view the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center! This year you can't simply walk by and take a photo. You must queue up at a certain time, and then you get only five minutes to take photos! Streets leading up to the tree are blocked off, too, so you must follow the designated entry points and reserved time slots to get a glimpse. I hope I get to take a photo, (I've done so every year for decades), but it really depends on how long the wait time is, and how many people are there. I don't want to get caught in a crowd, especially with any maskless people...

Take care, and enjoy this unusual holiday season!
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