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Default Re: Which lens for Nikon D40X??

Bonjour everybody,

As you're speaking about Nikon, I've some questions too...

I'd like to change my Fuji for a Nikon D40X, just seeing an offert in the shop nearby:
D40x + 18-55 mm + 55-200 mm objectieven + bag for 749,00, or
NIKON D60 18-55 + 55-200 for 799,00.
Which would you advise and what about the prices?
I see the D40x is desappearing and we'll soon get some great stunts...

What about the Nikkor 18-135mm lens instead of 18-55 mm + 55-200 mm?

Amicalement - Viviane

* Knowing that I like landscapes & children portraits... :o)
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