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Default To Dpbours: Abnormality

I would feel different and abnormal if I were her and would find my picture back under the theme 'Wheelchairs'...

Hello Dennis, thank you for your regular comments and overall contribution around the site, which I always find interesting. You have brought up a reasoning here that I personally don't share, but think it is fundamental debating on.

I believe that stigmatizing a person, or a group of persons, is not being able to talk or to put in evidence their difference, their particularity, turning them into a taboo. The girl portrayed with my deepest respect (not only for her handicap, but also for her childhood), cannot walk. I personally believe that steals something away from her childhood, and I feel touched by it. Wouldn't tink for a second to relegate this major handicap in her life to a second degree, because I'm pretty much sure it is present in her life from the moment she wakes up in the morning, to the moment she goes to bed. That difference makes her different from children who can walk, and that's life setting its rules.

My theme on wheelchairs is everything but voyeuristic, and it doesn't call for ANY aesthetic considerations, photography wise. It is supposed to put together a group of people who roll instead of walking, but they're still here, dignified in a way or another, by someone (me) who cares a bit about them, and tries to show the world, that their difference doesn't make them less humans than you and I. I don't pretend they should be proud being part of such theme, but it definitely isn't intended as an elephant man kind of circus.

Thank you, anyway, for your words really worth some thoughts.
Be well ;o)
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