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Default Re: Little green pill

Flickr is by far more interesting than TE. Flickr only seems big, but you have to realize that it is really a collection of many smaller communities. There are groups within flickr, and it is the variety of groups on flickr that makes it interesting. You can easily find a niche within the vast flickr universe. TE these days is far from where it was years ago, both as a community and photographically speaking. While Flickr is also full of garbage, the good thing is that you can actually be exposed to a lot of photography that is exponentially better than the post card fare on TE without being exposed to the crap. There are two ways: by creating contacts with good photographers and joining/creating groups that are moderated. The best thing is that the variety of photography on flickr will allow you to grow beyond the travel/postcard stuff here. TE is a fine first step, but it is only a first step. Staying here longer than needed is guaranteed to stop your growth as a photographer.
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