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Default Re: Any advice for my first camera?

There are too many options to list, in the compact, bridge or DSLR fields.

But what I can advise you to do is, if practical, to go into a shop and "play" with various offers. The build, weight and bulk of the various offerings will be something to take into account. I am used to having a Nikon D300 and 18-200VR* lens with me almost all the time, along with a flash, some cards, a spare battery and a circular polarizing filter, but that's me... some will prefer having a small point-and-shoot in their pockets, and if you're looking at casual images, some will indeed meet your criteria (Fuji has some good ones that will happily be used at high ISO numbers for inside/night scenes, for example).

Once you have decided, you may start browsing the net for used ones, that is a good idea. But it is IMHO very important to know what you're looking for "in person" before getting one. The person who owned my D300 chose a camera that did not suit their needs, visibly, and I ended up with a very good second-hand cam for 60% of the original price!

Hope this helps!

*I know, a bit above your budget ;) but that was to illustrate another point.
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