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Default Re: Any advice for my first camera?

If you are looking for a compact size, affordable camera and you are not very skilled with all the settings in photography (aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, etc.) I think Panasonic TZ5 would be a good choice. I own one and like it a lot. I only use it for casual shots when I don't want to carry my big SLR and the lenses. Also, I always carry it around. It has a good 10x optical zoom and, together with the 8.5 MPixels is quite right for any trip. The focusing mechanism is very fat and precise and the picture are sharp. The colours are saturated and realistic. Also, it makes movies with sound in HQ. I bought it in March and from Circuit City just before they closed down, so I got a pretty good deal.
The camera fits in a pocket, but if you are looking for a bigger camera you can choose one of the Nikons or Canons. Other companies are doing a good job too, but you have to think in the future. If you get an SLR, soon enough you'll have to pop a lot of money for extra lenses, flashes, filters and others. I think any beginner has to choices: get a pocket camera to find your way around or a pretty good SLR. If you get an entry level SLR, soon enough it will not meet your needs anymore and you'll sell it for peanuts and spend money again, for another one. But if you get a point and shoot, by the time you are ready for the next step, you can get the big bad boy SLR without the extra spending. That's what I think.
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