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Default Re: Any advice for my first camera?

Naturally it's no surprise that everyone advises that you follow the digital route. However, I'd like to give you a different option that's still in your price range. Your results will ultimately be better in many respects and you will invariably become a better photographer.

The answer - go film. These days medium format cameras are being offloaded by the bucket load and you can pick up a range of bargains. A Pentax 645 with 75mm lens can be picked up for less than $400 and a Mamiya 645 auto focus can be picked up for about $600-$700 with a 80mm lens (80mm is equivalent to a 'standard' 50mm lens in SLR terms). Add a good tripod for about $100 and you are set for a whole different world of photography, which in my own experience is much more rewarding (I bought my first digital SLR in 2002 so I have some experience).

My work has certainly moved to the next level since switching back to film ( I have a Mamiya 645 TL-Pro). For some examples please visit my web site at

Good luck with your endeavors.

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