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Hey Nikkitta, thanks for your comment. Just got to rectify what you said about the woman not happy about the capture . She actually was not unhappy with her photograph being taken at all, the thing is that in the Xhosa culture (and I imagine some other African and Indian cultures as well), the people have this thing throughout their history that whenever they have their picture taken, they present themselves with this serious look, which I'm not quite sure why they do it. Most of them have these really beautiful smiles, but as soon as they 'pose' for a photo they immediately put on a serious face. I have on occasion joked with some of them who started laughing when they're trying to be so serious. Then I have to wait for them to regain composure before I can take the pic. Interesting observation though (I've become so used to it and stopped wondering why they do it) I'll do some investigation to shed some light on the subject. All the best!

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