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Post Hi Andrew

HI Andrew

Lucky you, I hope you get some good toys to play with, sounds like you've been good all year and Santa is forking out big time. What a choice you have, a really difficult choice too, and one which is not really all that specific. As a Canon user, I'm not much help to you choosing Nikon or made for Nikon lenses.

The main things I'd think about are:

* what it is exactly that you'd like to shoot ie. architecture (wide angle?), sea/landscape (wide), animals (fast, long focal range), macro, portraits (50 or 85mm?) or street photography (a good, fast, all purpose lens) or space (300mm+).
* whether these lenses are adaptable for smaller frame aswell as full frame sensors.
* the quality of these lenses. I find that paying a little more for quality is a good option, because as you get more serious about your photography, you're going to want something better anyway. Why pay twice for a lens?
* what it is in the focal range that you're missing

Well, these are my main lenses, which might give you a better idea of what to get:

17-40mm lens - fantastic for architecture and seascapes
24-105mm lens (my walkaround lens)
70-200mm lens - I rarely use this, but it's good if I want to shoot portraits and also shows/exhibitions

I'm tossing up whether to get the 8-16mm as I've had a lot of fun with the 17-40mm and think the results would be even more dramatic.

Well, I hope that's helped. Happy lens-hunting.

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