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Thanks, Lisa. Basically, the answers to those questions are what led me to the choices I mentioned. As you know, I generally shoot a fair amount of architecture, with some street scenes and landscapes. A versatile lens is therefore right up my alley - something with a solid wide angle option. I like the 18-55mm lens I have for this reason, but often find that 18mm isn't quite wide enough. I have my trusty 50mm prime for portraits and specialty shots, so that's not a concern. I very rarely need a real telephoto - one thing I haven't missed at all from my old Lumix point and shoot. So, basically, that leaves me with a choice:

1. Get an all-in one lens with better wide angle coverage, like the 16-85mm Nikkor I mentioned, or
2. Get an all in one with longer range, like the 18-105mm Nikkor and supplement with a wide angle zoom like the Sigma 10-20mm or similar.

I guess right now I'm leaning toward the 16-85 as it's the cheaper option, is supposed to be a very good lens all around with solid build quality and excellent IQ, and would require fewer lens switches, but I was hoping to find someone who's used it before to give me a first-hand account - I'd love to see a wider range of sample shots, too.
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