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Default Re: Posts without notes????

“Look to that photo of a dying nigger. They don’t have food but are always ready to make another dozen of children!”

Sohrab, how many words do you think that people who think like this image worth? Precisely 4, not more than that! You can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard statements like this, regarding images like that! Sorry to blunt but this is the reality!

To me, you and many others, images like this says almost all, because we have sensitivity and knowledge to understand what’s happening. To understand the human and cultural tragedy behind situations like those. But to many, they need a 1.000.000 words and in some cases they are not enough.

Do you really think that if that image was so clear to everyone, that people would permit that those situations would continue to happen? That image is from 1993. How many children have died since then in the same situation? How many images like that have been showed in the tv, newspapers and magazines? People even show disagreement in showing those images in the news at dinnertime, because they are not suited for that occasion!!!

So, to some people, in some situations, an image may worth a 1000 words. But considering the general, I personally continue to think that no image worth a 1.000 words, being those written or spoken. There’s always much to say about a photo. And this one is no exception.
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