To Maru: 1.1 billion people

  • in india (actually a little more) so it's a little difficult to watch out for faces like this one :)

    you're right about the falling buildings. i noticed them, but never looked at them the depressing way, it makes a lot of sense actually and thakn you for pointing that out :)

    i wonder if you've watched "babe"
    if you have, then do you remember the first scene in which all the pigs are being taken away ...?
  • Re: Babe...
    Ohh.. yes...
    i don't know if it's a consequence of have gone to see the movie "101 dalmatas" (the original draw one) when I was.. I don'r remember!!.. four or five (so, in 1972/3), or just because I love nature and animals and I'm a sensible spirit, but that kind of movies really touches me.. to the point of make me cry :(

    Maybe I'm a bit "Dr.Doolitle", but I can really feel their feelings.

    HaHa... time for the pills!!!!!!!!!! and for my terapy session ;)
  • Re: Babe...
    haha thats ok
    i cried when i watched "lady and the tramp" an animation
    the dog dies in the end
    but i was 6 or so , so it's ok :)