To brianmcc: Fence

  • Hello Brian - There is a small calcrete road which leads out into the pan. It has a turning circle at the end and the whole thing is fenced in to stop people driving out onto the pan. I think if one was to drive onto the pan itself there would be an issue of sinking into the soft wet surface up to the axles! Not much fun. We got stuck at Easter last year. Not here, on a small maintained road. It was awful trying to get free from a massive clay hollow when wild animals can be lurking anywhere and there is no cell phone cover or passers by. It took us 3 hours to get free and that's with a 4X4 and recovery equipment.

    I shall post a wider view so you can get a better idea of what the location is like. Enjoy your Sunday.

  • namibia
    hi rosemary,
    your pictures, and those of others, from namibia show a country with some stunning landscapes and scenic locations. they are a joy to view.
    warm regards,