To pitai: Thanks

  • thanks very much for your comments!

    I'm a little confused on the image size thing. I have put a few other photos up and always get the same comment - the image size is too small. I thought there was a very strict limit on file size here - no more than 200k??
  • Re: To pitai: Thanks
    hello,if you don't mind i will try to clarify it:
    your picture has a size of ~55kB with 388 x 256 pixels. If i open it at home and safe it as jpg with quality setting at 40% it reduces the filesize to 12kB, while the pixel number remains the same.
    A good way to prepare the images is: take the original and resize it to ~800x600, rename and safe it. Next work on this picture to lessen some of the artifacts (sharpen, colors..) and safe it as jpg with a quality setting > 40% (most programs ask for the quality, in oters the quality is a hidden feature which it can be set). The quality setting is empirical, so you have to try until you find the highest quality setting for a given maximal size.