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Old 03-24-2006, 05:20 AM
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Default Al hilo de la foto

I think many people has lost sight, trace of what comunism means and the contradictions and erroneous development it had in the so-called communist countries(they weren't communist ) and how left occidental european wing parties (joined in the communist international ) did not agree, and rejected in its moment , openly , what was going on those countries(anyone who had read the Communist Manifest by Karl Marx will realise about that ...Communism and State are opposite concepts ,as well as repression , lack of liberties , hierarchies , oligarchies and the policy of getting isolated within the world . The communism surged to give a response to the explotation of the working class during the industrial revolution . Castro never was communist , USA applauded in a first time Castro 's takeover ( overthrowing Batista) but when he lost CIA support and began to behave in a non suitable way for USA interests , he tried to look for aid by knocking at the other neighbour's door , USSR ,and suddenly became communist (as Figo became from Real Madrid after playing in Barça
...if we can not change the world , we can change our consciences and at least we can shout and show disagreement and maybe summing up people and shouting along loud we could change something ... I'm not communist , but i don't agree with neoliberalism which condems people to live (most of us) in a permanent breathless and ruthless slavery of that empire ruled by money and the multinationals , economic institutions (working far from democratic parameters , FMI , world bank ), war industry ...I don't want to marry the kind of countries Don mentions to get widow soon in a romanthic exaltation , just reserve my right to critisize and show i don't approve many of the rules leading the world .
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