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Great tyro 2008-02-02 8:05

Hello, Geof.

Could this be Sao Bento Church? Again, just from a quick "Google" but the interior in the fuzzy pictures on the web doesn't look nearly as clear and ornate as in this wonderful photograph of yours. However, the web says that the church has lots of very famous and priceless paintings, so that would fit - I can see lots of old pictures on the walls here.

Picures taken indoors and particularly in dim churches, are very difficult to expose correctly but you have done a fine job here. The colours and the details are fabulous.

Incidentally, now I've been given a very nice wide-angle zoom for my Christmas, I'm very keen to try some nice indoor shots in places like this. Do you know what is the general feeling regarding taking pictures in churches here in U.K. and abroad?

Best Wishes,


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Default To tyro: hi john

i feel a right pratt..i didnt keep a note of the town or the church name...i photographed the sao bento church in ribeira i know this isnt it...even though i give that as the town...i am a plonker!

as for photographing the inside of churches..yes a wa is excellent and take a bean bag for setting the cam on the benches etc for long exposures...

as for general feeling...if there are people about try to wait till they go..dont have eye contact and sort of admire the finery in the meantime

i am a christian so i dont have any hangups about doing right or wrong so long as it is in the notion of showing the world how beautiful the church is..

i usually sit a bit before hand...and then after before rushing out...sort of goes down well with any lurking priests in the dark corners...its all a matter of respect and good intentions

best of luck and thanks for the useful critique..:)

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