To rajhema: Belated "Thank you Rajesh" from me.

  • Visited Trekearth after a long long interval. Your comment is quite thought provoking and rewarding as well. The way I look at it, children undergo the maturing process in three steps : Dependence, Independence and finally Inter-dependence. Those parents who do not allow their children to gain independence do a disservice to them in the name of affection and quite tragically, hamper their growth.

    Yes, I also have seen such physically matured but mentally dependent children, who can't face any hardships, struggles of life and in the face of these, hide behind their over-loving parent(s). This happens more with such boys who take birth after several daughters. The parents and the elder sisters become too protective of the young one to be of any worth.

    However, the girl in the picture above, is very small and at public place, shying away from the attention she was getting from me. So, this academic discussion hardly applies to her. Isn't it?