To Dpbours: Uganda workshop

  • Dennis,
    you definitely take me as a special student! - I can imagine how long it takes to download/upload with a traffic speed you have there!! :-))))
    Thank you very much for your workshop! Agree, the composition looks better.
    It's just for me personally, I hate to take photos of posing humans. With one person it looks as she is posing to me, while with two of them - I am clearly someone "from the side" watching them.. But, I understand that with them two both the composition and idea are more simple: I make the plot more banal like I simply depict another standard family sunset photosession.

    Have you seen gorillas yet???
  • Re: To Dpbours: Uganda workshop
    Hey hey!

    Nope, no gorillas for me. First of all that is way too expensive. 500 USD to go there... So I'll just stick to my training and the beach at lake victoria tomorrow ;-).

    Greetings! Dennis