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Old 04-13-2006, 04:15 AM
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Default Ché

First of all Sebastien the pic is trés magnifique . I know the sort of rejection communist policy provokes in many people and mostly it is caused by a great misunderstanding about the right theoric principles that rule and hold the same doctrina . I'm so aware that Ceaucescu, Stalin and many others were not communist , just read the communist manifiesto by Karl Marx and easily realise about this . Fidel Castro struggled to defeat a dictator , and once he got the power was well-seen and accepted in USA , but in a moment later there were a kind of ideological divorce between CIA interest and what Castro was proposing for Cuba and he decided to look for backing and support on the other door, calling to USSR which help Cuba not to feel a cut off , isolated country and suffer the harsh embargo . USA , the democracy paradigma continued invading all sorts of territories , condemning them to margination , explotation , poverty , turned Latin America into a mined camp , a place where to stack up amounts of rubbish , get the air rotten and put forward presidents that were suitable to its interests , murder Allende and many other erected by people decision in free elections , invaded uncountable territories , feed a permanent evil dictatorship and anihilated people with the most devastating way of killing by depriving them even to breath , eat , leave them to starve ...and they are a democracy mexico is a democracy , or El salvador , the paroxism of high hipocresy ...I don't think in ideologies because history show us that none of them , expect capitalism in its brutal face (the dictatorship from FMI , world bank,... that creates a constant in this world , people deprived of being fed , food , rotten environment and wealth concentration in little hands), has been put in practise . Comparing Fidel with whoever in the East Europe is a silly thought because Cuba is not Slovakia . The debate is complicated . Who is ruling Saudi Arabia , El Salvador , USA , Mexico, Colombia ,Bahrein , who's ruling Algeria and who was ruling and has been ruling the fate of millions of italians ? ...It is the same what Fidel displays as Ceaucescu did ? ...Fidel and Cuba are suffering a continuous aggression campaign receiving bullets from everywhere , damning him and his policy . Just look at Haití , look at other places . Cuba has its contradictions , socialist daughters offering her bodies for a "fula" , restrictions to certain freedoms , but all revolution supposes a change against the previous state , what Cuba was with Batista or could be with a "US friend" president(a brothel)...or What Venezuela was before Chávez . Fidel put children behind a blackboard , put in practise a health system for everyone . Che Guevara was conscious about the extreme poverty , impoverish but rich countries of America Latina are suffering since Europe invaded them centuries ago. His aim was to erradicate this not to be a Stalin or Ceaucescu friend . He thought there were measures and ways to fight the imperialism US is provoking and applying in this world (US is not a model for anything ) and he died , just this, killed and fighting not to concentrate money but avoid people in America suffer from explotation .But the uthopia of asking for the impossible goes on in little and regional reivindications , Chiapas , Sahara Occidental, while US extermines the part of the world that annoys its policies , blasting bones of "evil" children and showing its connivence to other terrorist country as Israel is (if US tries to look for mass destruction weapons there , they won't miss , but they are friends ) ...So take sure when Fidel dies CIA will implement a mass invasion and the anti Castro resort in Miami lead by a fascism aura featured among others in Gloria Stefan , Andy Garcia , will invade the island , divest people from what is theirs (dignity) and Cuba will be ,again, US main brothel to receive with a great smile fetid belchs and vomits of high cholesteroled good wealthy people from US , but it will be a formal democracy as Haiti , Guatemala(with a unfinishable civil war), Nicaragua (with presidents chosen by US) and many other places ...

So , Cuba is receiving a brutal desacreditation campaign from outside and someway it does not provoke more effect that somehow reafirmate and legitimate the sense , originalof the revolution .

Ivana reaction was sad ...

For concluding , i have not experienced a worst sensation at travelling that staying , crossing Slovakia border from Hungary and the treatment i received both from czechs and slovaks ... they are not the joy and fraternalism warmth paradigma and in this sense and having met them i can understand how "cabrones" their communist leaders must have been...being democrats they are(nowadays) so menacing , cold and bad humoured , with a totalitarism regime those traits had to be really highlighted .

International communist party in western europe , taking conscience of what was happening in the USSR , openly separated that doctrine and follow other path and methods focussed on social justice policies and sensativeness about the uninherited world and its people ...

My girlfriend 's grandparents suffered the methods of hungarian communists by losing and being expropiated of all the properties they got with sweat , blood and intelligence (were not politicians , just successful scientists ) but she does not reproach Ché Guevara for what Rakosy, Ceaucescu , Breznev did ..It is foolish , it is not the same issue

So , i stop for today ...
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