To Just-A-Guy: Great

  • Hey Guy,

    First off thanks for your reviews, good to see someone else feels the way I do...

    Concerning this picture: Well, considering that this is a freehand shot at 1/4 sec, I'm quite happy with the DOF, and also, yes, I was hoping to create a "jungle of incense" kind of motif, where the DOF was meant to pull you into the middle of it all. Which brings me to your crop suggestion... YES! You are so right, and actually, I have just fiddled again a bit with the full size jpg (the raw is archived away, too much work to get that back out now) and done some stuff to it, including a square crop... :-) I will repost this one soon and hope you can come by and tell me what you think of the new version.

    Thank you so much!