To holmertz: Re-

  • Dear Gert,

    If I ever want to forfeit my honour, I won't do it for a picture! For a few million Euros...well (at least) I would consider.

    Joke apart: they aren't my colleagues. I saw these two sitting their and (lacking any zoom on my camera) I tried to walk as close I could without getting noticed. This was the closest distance I went. They didn't notice me, so I took this picture and left, because I didn't want to interrupt them. Furthermore, I only arrived to Brussels so I was thirsty for a Belgian beer.

    Thank you for 'faving' it!
    Best Wishes,
  • Hello György,
    Of course I never didn't trust your word. I was just so amazed that you could find such a perfect composition "ready made", without having to arrange anything yourself. But good compositions in the streets is of course mainly a matter of observing and being discreet - and quick. Most people don't seem to have that talent, but you do.
  • Thank you very much, for your kind words!