To mkamionka: UK

  • mariusz

    I saw the news about shortages in the stores of uk and millions of workers abandoning uk . this is the price of brexit.
    I took my second vaccine 2 weeks ago, today it was for young people around 22 y.o. but my town is delayed, other places are vaccinating teens.

    take care

  • Hi Jorge,
    The most intriguing is that in the UK one quarter of the healthcare workers refuse to take the vaccine. A friend of mine who is pharmacist told me she feels forced into taking it. But I think in her case it is just a fashion statement because she took it as soon as she could and she even arranged it for her husband even though he was not eligible at that time.
    The truth is that most people didn't want to learn science when they were kids saying that it is useless in the future, and now they have so little understanding of the subject that they are more likely to believe some ridiculous social media posts than scientists.
    Kind regards,