To Adam: A Couple Minor Ideas

  • Hi Adam. While posting a photo, I just had a couple ideas I might like to see implemented in the choices for posting. When we post, we have a choice of two under genre; people or places. I would humbly suggest a third option: People in their environment. Often times I think a shot can have both people and the place they are in as the subject of a shot. If you look at my <a href="">Last Shot</A>, it it a rather imperfect example of this. I feel both the wall and the people are subjects and as such, had a hard time deciding which category to put them in. Likewise, a farmer working his field, a traffic cop in the middle of the street, even a prostitute in the red light district of Amsterdam........well, you get the idea. Anyways, that is thought one.

    Thought two is that I would like to see another category added. I would like to see something along the lines of Decisive Moment. Sometimes I would like to post to this category, but end up posting to the Daily Life category instead.

    Neither of this are huge issues, just a couple thoughts. I would be interested to hear what others think, as well as Adam of course.
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    How about making it a list rather than a drop down, and then being able to control-click?

    I don't know whether the underlying data structure is compatible with that though...
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    I added in a 'Decisive Moment' category. Eventually I would like to revamp the categories to allow sub-categories and have it displayed on a separate screen as checkboxes when entering the information.

    As for thought one, maybe I could add that as a category instead? Thanks for your suggestions.
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    I'd rather keep genre as either/or. If there are people in the shot, then it's 'people', anything else and it's 'places'. OTOH I'd rather expand categories to allow for sub-categories dispayed with checkboxes. I think multi-select listboxes are not good because many people don't know it's possible to control-click.