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Old 09-13-2007, 09:50 AM
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Default smileys

indeed, smileys have lost their meaning and value but it still ecourage and makes some happy.
It could be called "SMILEY" as it is in fact a smiley or no name at all as it speaks for itself :).

a good evaluation is always a pleasure, certainly when it got the quality of a respectfull honnest impression and encouraging hints.

not necessairy to look back, just enjoy within the limits we got.
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Old 09-13-2007, 12:34 PM
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Default Re: receiving critiques - how to know

Bookmarking the received critiques page is such an obvious solution I can't believe that I hadn't thought of that before. Duh!!
Thanks for the suggestion David.
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Old 09-13-2007, 12:50 PM
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Default rabbit

I use the dead rabbit.

just kidding :)
I also have a solution for world peace.
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Old 09-13-2007, 03:56 PM
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Default My take...

I quit posting on TE because of the scarcity of meaningful critiques. (And I wrote a lot of critiques, tossed no sugar plums.)

Now TE has a new owner. Perhaps a change might be possible.

Adam peeled off Trek Lens and Trek Nature from TE. Why not break TE into two separate sites - one for point folks and one for 'critique/striving to be better photographers' folks? Sort of TEP and TEC.

No reason why someone searching for photos from a particular part of the world couldn't have the option of seeing photos from both TEP and TEC. (Also TL and TN.) That would keep the 'learning about the world' thing going while letting the two existing communities go their own separate ways.

Folks might want to send the owners emails with that request, if it seems to work.

(Or they could check my profile for a different option. ;o)
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Old 09-13-2007, 04:34 PM
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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

I can't even start to imagine if someone who had none of your good standing on the site, and writing the same thing would have heard in reply, from the same defenders in arms of the "many points mean the pix is that good, and the site has never been about points anyway, so stop using the forum to whine and write 20 critiques a day like (to?) us" brigade....
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Old 09-13-2007, 05:52 PM
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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

"I had to laugh as an image posted at about roughly the same time of a 'very shakey portrait' recieved about 3 times as much attention- and the real funny thing is that everyone gives it thumbs up as a good photo (what I commonly refer to as 'sugar-coated critiques').
I'm no photography expert and don't claim to be- yet I highly doubt that any semi-professional would find any photographic merrit in it."

just to prove this site never be about thoughtfull critiquing, please have a look the critique the shakey photo received, and the outrage it caused, at least from one member.

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Old 09-13-2007, 06:32 PM
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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

I read the whole discussions and have a few points to make..
I am very new both to the photography and to the site and depend a lot on people's comments to my pictures to see where I have gone wrong..and needless to say I have learnt quite a bit from some very useful critics.Something that upsets me a lot of the times is that the notes are reciprocal..and it makes me question their worth.
I saw a picture and read a note..I marked the note useful, I quite liked the image but somehow could not give critique as I was in a hurry..the next day I noticed that the same person had marked my note useful but no an experiment and also bcos I liked the image, I went and gave it a green smiley..Guess what!! I got a green smiley back..I have promised myself never to look at his pics is how I give my points and might work for you..what I do is I look at new pics in the gallery and give points to whatever appeals to me...infact there are days when I am inclined towards a certain subject but I try and be honest to myself. If I feel a pic has potential but am not sure I go look at the artists photos and comment on another far as reciprocal points are concerned..I do it .I look at the persons gallery and give a critique on whichever pic appeals to me,if nothing appeals to my sensibility that minute, I refrain and just post a thank you.
I have given bad critiques/blasted people in the past :( but now I feel maybe just saying nothing is an indicator of the fact that the pic is not up my sleeve.
I know one person..nothing short of 50 points..the pics are either of relatives or insipid landscapes..I told him what I thought once and seem to have made enemies of one whole cartel..honestly I do not know which critique to trust...all I keep thinking is it because I gave him a good critique but then maybe one or two I me the mirror..
I guess the only thing each one of us can do is be honest in our dealings...automatically we shall start getting mostly honest responses..distanting yourself or even telling off sugar coaters maybe another option...
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Old 09-13-2007, 06:47 PM
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Default but

She said "I really wanted to post that photo - even though I know itīs of truly bad quality. Itīs rather shaked - thatīs why I tried "Focus Magic" (thanks to Jean-Yves = "PixelTerror"). Itīs still not good, but was even worse before, believe me."
Now, I agree the photo is bad.
But she asked for advice, and I think it would have been better if she'd posted the original and posted this one as a workshop. People should feel free to ask for advice :)

What surprised me is the first critique.
and the second,
and so on.
Even when people became critical, they hit the dark green smiley until someone comes along and writes a good critique.
That said, I wouldn't try pottery if my pictures are that shakey. I'd rather have a Martini.
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Old 09-13-2007, 07:56 PM
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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

Hey Dan,

I totally understand what you are saying! They should just get rid of the smileys...then we'll see how many people will still "critique". I find it too bad that some people just "critique" to get points back. I usually critique on the people I have in my "Favorite" list, that's why they are my favorite photographers...I like their work and want to revisit their gallery.

I do critique on other people as well and usually I critique when I really like the photo. I am not afraid to post critique that is not a 100% positive and I will tell the person what could be better or not. I must say that I really got some good constructive critique on TE in the beginning and that really helped me in my skills and the way I take photographs today, but once you have quite a gallery not too many people will tell you what's wrong!

Another thing that bother's me sometimes is that I write a note with info on the photo and why it was taken in such a manner. But still people say, what's this and what's that doing there, but mostly you'll find some info under "Photo Info" if there is something unusual about the photo.

Anyway, everybody can choose what they want to do and I do agree that some photos are technically not very good, but yet they get over 50 points!

I enjoy taking photos and sharing it with others. If someone wants to comment and critique then that's fine, if not...that's fine too. As long as somebody out there enjoys my photos, I am happy! :o)

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Old 09-13-2007, 08:36 PM
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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

It would be great if either this site moved to pure critique (not points related) or if somebody developed a site along those lines. As TE has been sold to a commercial operation I have doubts as to whether they would have any interest in limiting their potential market.
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