To PaulVDV: blue & clothes

  • Thank you Paul,
    I agree that there is an unpleasant blue tinge, but I actually had the blue levels at the absolute minimum when making the scan, so I don't know what went wrong. I have remade and adjusted this several times.
    I was immediately struck by the differences to Bali as soon as I stepped ashore on Lombok. The Muslim dress codes made people look completely different. I don't know if the differences are as great today, when Western styles are taking over in most places.
    Have a nice weekend,
  • Hi Gert,

    When I was in Bali in 1990 I found that western styles had taken over already on most places.

    Meanwhile Lombok has also become much more touristic.
    Not so long ago there was an earthquake and a lot of tourists had to be evacuated.
    Many people visit the Gili Islands in the northwest of the island.

    Best regards,
  • Hello Gert and Paul,

    Of course, the Muslims, and especially the women, are easily recognized by clothes from Balinese who are Hindu. I have looked at my photos from Bali to check and most people - both women and men- wear traditional dresses - the women their lace shirts and the man - longyi and the characteristic "cap". But the reason may be that most of my photos were taken in the temples, so they looked festive.
    I am sad when I read about Gili - we were to visit it early in the morning the next day, but instead, we bought the returned tickets.
    Have a nice day