To emka: early

  • Thank you Malgo,
    It was easier to get up early when I was younger and often had no choice when travelling and depending on early buses or trains.
    Here I had gone to bed early because it was so bitterly cold that the only way to keep warm was to go to bed wrapped in blankets. Because of the regular eruptions of the volcano, about every 20 minutes, I didn't see much point staying in bed. And I wanted to leave as soon as possible.
    Kind regards,
  • Hi Gert,

    HAha, Funny that you remember so well after more than 40 years why you got up early . For me, it seems easier to get up early now, when I am old and I could sleep as long as I wish. (I must get up in time to write my critiques before 9.20 a.m., haha. And it takes me quite a long time. )
    But when I travel, I always get up early. Even in the very touristy places, in the morning you can have them for yourself. I remember when I was in Pisa. before seven, there was NO ONE in Piazza Dei Miracoli. And of course, there is never too early when I want to see the sunrise.
    When I was in Iran, we went early and returned late, and I liked it. On contrary, in Sankt Petersburg, we had breakfast at 9! For me, it was a horror.

    How long will TE work? TL and TN are dead already.

    Have a nice day

  • Hi Malgo,

    I write a diary when I travel. After more than 40 years the diary reminded me of the cold and miserable night that made me decide to get up early.

    The last 15 years I was working I started in the middle of the day and worked until late. My body adjusted to those hours. I still get very tired whenever I had to get up before 8.