Active link for lazy like me

  • I really enjoy this new photography forum. It does make me discover or re-discover great photographer.

    But, I'm lazy websurfer and so it is a pain for to "select, copy and paste" the link found in the messages publish here :-).
    So people please use some html coding to insert active link to your message so we just have to click on it to access the page. The question number 12 in the FAQ show how to do that.
    To which I would add that if you want the link to open a new window here what you need to do:

    &lt;a href="" <b>target="_blank"</b>&gt;Lien pour TrekLens&lt;/a&gt;

    Thanks to all

  • Re: Active link for lazy like me
    Good reminder. I love having a page open in a new window. I guess there are different ways of doing it, because I use target="new", and that works for me as well. I certainly do love clickable links, makes things so much easier.
  • Re: Active link for lazy like me
    Hi Darren,

    The main difference is that when clicking a link using target="new" it will open a new window but when clicking on second link also using target="new", the link will open in the window previously open by the first link ("new" can be replace by any kind of word).
    The target="_blank" will open new window every time one click on the link.

    I hope this is not confusing ;-)