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  • Bonjour,
    Je m'aperçois qu'il est toujours impossible d'ajouter des membres parmi les favoris :
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    You have exceeded your 100 member favorite limit. To add more favorite members, please remove some of your current favorites. Click here to return to the previous photograph.
    Est-il possible de corriger cet état.
    Avec mes remerciements anticipés.
    Bonne année 2018.
    Bien cordialement.
    Philippe Guillard (papagolf21)
  • Correction du titre : A propos des favoris
    J'ai ajouté une correction au titre : A propos des favoris.

    Nulle réponse de votre part. Je comprends que le travail de modérateur est fastidieux. Une petite réponse est toujours la bienvenue.

    Merci de votre compréhension.

    Bien cordialement.
  • Bonjour Philippe,

    Ce ne sont pas <B>les modérateurs</B> qui répondent généralement à ce genre de questions, votre problème est technique et seuls les techniciens seront capables de vous aider...
    Il est également évident que les questions posées en français demandent plus de temps sur un site dirigé par des personnes anglophones.

    Je vais envoyé un message vers Joël et voir ce qu’il peut faire.

  • Remerciements
    Chère Viviane,
    Merci pour votre réponse. Je suis désolé, mais je ne connais pas les arcanes du site quant à son exploitation !
    Je vous remercie de bien vouloir transmettre le message.
    Je vous présente mes meilleurs voeux pour l'année 2018.
    Bien cordialement.
  • "Il est également évident que les questions posées en français demandent plus de temps sur un site dirigé par des personnes anglophones."Answer of porteplume à papagolf21, le 18-1-2018 Translation : "It's also evident that questions asked in French demand more answering delay on a site managed by Anglophone people".
    Well, I always ask my questions in English, but nothing is ever done. + the fact that an automatic translation on Internet is not so hard to obtain !
    It's really worrying that noone seems to care !
    I wonder why. Does the site not make enough money ?
    I also notice the forums are not used very much. No surprise as there is hardly any practical answer.
    People just make do with a rickety site, because of the otherwise unique qualities. Why are these qualities not appreciated, or taken into account by the tech team or the management ?
    On his 10th TE anniversary, Mariusz wrote a very appropriate note.
    I note this sentence in particular "I sincerely hope that this website survives. There is no place like it in the whole www."
  • Thank you dear Marie-Louise,
    I will try to make sure that the administrators read your comment and follow the link to Mariusz ‘photo. I did it before after Philippe’s questions but no responds till today...
    You and Mariusz are very clear about the problems on TE nowerdays...

  • This is an excerpt of what I wrote to Mariusz in my critique to his 10th anniversary photo : "As you say, it's such a shame TE is no longer being updated, and we fear it might disappear one day because of that ! I once sent IBJoel a personal letter as the forums seem to be ignored too. The letter said more or less what you have written in your note, but that was ignored too.
    It's a good job we are a friendly, close community who stick together to keep the site alive. But we just feel a bit like orphans with nobody to care for us up there :-( Apart from some moderators I must say, like Porteplume in particular. Thank you so much Viviane !"
  • Hi everyone,

    I do report every problem that comes up on the site. Sometimes, we can't get it to replicate (which I think happens a lot, because of our international community, different languages used on the site, and regular/beta site both operating at the same time), and sometimes things don't move fast because I don't have control over how tech et al prioritizes things.
  • Bonjour Joel,

    Thank you for reading the thread and answering BUT... the problem mentioned up there by Philippe isn't solved yet...


    PS: Thank you dear Marie-Louise, a little compliment or a few nice words are so very welcome from time to time...