To delpeoples: Rainbow

  • Dear Lisa
    Many thanks for your very kind comments.My picture was taken in Parramatta Park.Is that near where you live?
    We have a daughter and two grandchildren living right next to the park.We normally go to Australia to stay with them for 3 months to avoid the English
    Winter but this year we shall be staying home as she has been over to us this summer, as I have been laid up with a fractured pelvis and unable to travel.

    Very best wishes to you
  • So Sorry to Hear That
    Dear Gladys

    I left a note with Les to say gidday and give my best. I'm so sorry to hear of your recent fall. How painful, there's not much that can fix it except lying perfectly still, right? That must be dreadful for you. Anyway, you;re in my thoughts, please get well soon.