To holmertz: Too long a note.....?

  • Hello Gert,

    Thank you so much for your kind words yet again.

    But sometimes I fear I write notes that are occasionally too long and may prevent people reading right to the bottom! So I'm wondering, therefore, if you missed my workshop picture of our friend Claude (CLODO) outside the opera house.

    Take care and have a lovely Sunday.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hello John,
    Don't worry, I read the entire note and I saw the WS. I just didn't bother to comment Claude's look.
    Your notes may be fairly long, but they are always well written and contain important information, so I read them carefully.
    And thank you once again for adding one of my photos to your favourites. I am especially happy for that, because an earlier scan of that photo, made years ago, looked dreadful. The colours were bad and it looked hopelessly unsharp, so I was really upset to have failed such a good opportunity. The same happened to the photo of the men sitting on the wall of the football stadium. I thought it was also hopelessly lost, so I was happily surprised when both scans turned out quite well this time.
    Have a nice Sunday.