To jean113: Thank you, Jean!

  • Hello Jean,

    Thank you again for your kind words.

    Yes, I do think that rain does enhance colours and increase their saturation. I think it also tends to increase contrast in scenes. You only need to look at pebbles on a beach: when dry they are lifeless and almost colourless but they suddenly become bright and colourful when wet. I think the same happens with other features like grass, earth, stonework and so on - though no doubt to a lesser extent.

    I fact, I've noticed recently that John Maenhout (jhm) has complained that the weather has been wet and dull on recent days when he has been out on his daily bike rides - yet, if you look at the photos he has taken on those days, they are brimming with rich colours. I'd be interested hear what you think - have a look next time we have rain and let me know your feelings! This is Britain so you shouldn't have very long to wait

    Kind Regards,

  • in the rain
    Hi John, I agree with you entirely.
    You cite the example of wet pebbles, indeed the water brings out all the colours, textures and patterns.

    Thank you for your email.
    It sounds as if it was a good get together. Pictures like this spark a memory, a happy one obviously.

    Kind regards, Jean.