To holmertz: variety

  • Hej Gert,
    and thank you!

    Concerning notions "ugliness" or "beauty" - well, it depends...

    if one expects people at such a specific carnival to wear costumes and masks similar to those they wear in Venice, then one is bound to get very disappointed and most things will really look ugly.

    As for me, they are not ugly because I know why they look like this. When I was choosing where to go to see the carnival symbolising the "official" ending of winter, my choice was either Venice or Switzerland. I chose what is closer to my perception of the world

    if you like you can also read my reply to Maria concerning my previous post:

    I know that such photos are not popular on TrekEarth at all, so the purpose of posting this photo (as well as the previous one and, I guess, a couple more similar others) is merely to show how diverse carnival celebrations can be - that is, in this respect I stick to the concept of TrekEarth - "showing the world through photography".

    warm greetings from nearby,