To siamesa: carnvals

  • Hi Maria,
    thank you very much for paying attention to this very specific picture!

    speaking about carnivals...

    I have discussed this question (which is more beautiful - the famous Brazilian carnival and, for example, the Aruba carnival - or this Luzern-style carnival) many times with different people, and I have come to a definite conclusion that whether you like this or that kind of carnival depends on what kind of person you are.

    If you prefer Brazilian-style carnivals it means that you pay a lot of attention to "external" details and attributes and to appearance (of people, of things etc), whereas if you prefer Luzern-style carnival (that is, with monsters, fairytale heroes etc where not costumes but expressions of characters matter) it means that other people's inner world (soul, emotions, thoughts etc) is more important to you and "external" details are not important.

    That's why I strongly dislike the famous carnival in Venice I am scared of those masks where you can't see people's eyes and you never know what to expect from them when they look at you!

    Greetings from still sombre Stockholm,