To daddo: humanity

  • Hi Klaudio!

    Of interest to me was Gert's response and your reaction to it.
    You bet!!

    I've read what you wrote, very attentively. indeed, you are right.

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to express my thoughts as eloquently and clearly as you do, I will simply quote the words said by the famous Russian writer Dostoyevsky:
    Russian original version first:
    "Во всяком человеке, конечно, таится зверь, зверь гневливости, зверь сладострастной распаляемости от криков истязуемой жертвы, зверь без удержу, спущенного с цепи.."
    "In every person there is a hidden beast, beast of rage, beast of voluptuous inflammation by cries of the tortured victim, beast without restraint, unchained beast.."
    Sorry, my translation is far from being perfect - besides, it's very difficult to translate Dostoyevsky's works.. due to linguistic peculiarities. But I think you understand the essence of the message!

    Emotive photo for the message it carries of the sacrifices made by the previous generations and of the guarantee that sacrifices will again be made in some future time by all, since nothing will change for the reasons I mentioned above.
    Alas... and Amen! As I've just said to Malgo in my reply, I still hope that the human race will be wise enough... at the moment the world is balancing at the point of no return.

    Wait till we start fighting for water!
    We'll live and see...

    Thank you for choosing this photo as one of your favourites!

    wish you a nice weekend!