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Great Traczewska 2010-07-13 10:52

Master and Servant. one of the most typical kind of relation in Gay World which during that hot Parisian day cried out so loudly for crowd acceptation..

Somehow the most shocking.. adult men wearing leash, walking on their knees, being kicked in their ass..made such a shots myself but frankly, failed in relevant, artistic tool choice.. couldn't find the beauty in the ugliness.. to see it as metaphor rather than reality which is so hardly understood.. and this is sth I looked for in all Gay Pride stuff..

What I like about your shot the most, is very high contrast which gives us a documentary scene as taken from a dream.. real but not really.. in this case it helps a lot:) and the men at the right face expression.. it gives so much theatrical action to the scene..

and, last but not least.. sb in the middle of all that crazy mess apparently liked you..:) have you noticed that, Fred?:) he looks so welcome..:)

kind, agn

Old 07-13-2010, 06:02 PM
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Default To Traczewska: Master & Servant ...

I do think that it is the same in straight sexuality but gays live more freely than straights so they don't mind about all what can be said on this situation.
It is maybe a dream for some gays and straights ; D Isn't it an allegory of Life in some ways ? The employee who had to work for the boss and so on and so on ... A kind of masochist relation.

Thanks Dear A.

Have a good evening ... I will go out tonight to have a drink with lesbian friends and probably in the Marais

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