To kasianowak: coconuts

  • Hello Kasia,
    Thank you so much for today's critiques. Yes, as far as I can see they are coconuts.
    Paul has posted a good photo of the famous bull. It looked different at my visit, much darker (dirtier) and surrounded by scaffolding. I didn't take any photos...
    Have a nice week,
  • Indeed, I've just checked and found no photos of the bull in your gallery! :-O
    As for the coconuts, I thought that's what they were because... they look like coconuts. :-D However, they are bigger than the coconuts I saw on sale in e.g. Costa Rica. They are also different from the coconuts I saw on sale in the market in Sulawesi - those were covered with a thick skin so looked much smoother, lighter and of course bigger.
  • Those you saw on Sulawesi must have been fresh (containing "milk"), while these are peeled and dried (and the liquid has congealed into copra). The smaller ones in Costa Rica were probably just another kind of coconuts. Most fruits seem to have dozens of varieties.
  • coconuts
    Thank you Gert. I didn't know that about fresh coconuts!