To kasianowak: Sorry, but I think TN has gone!

  • Hi Kasia,

    Thank you so much for your very kind words about this one! Like most wildlife photos, this one was an absolute fluke - I heard some buzzing in the flowers in the garden, took a look and then had plenty time to go into the house, grab my camera and stick on a macro lens and take some shots.

    Yes, you're quite right - TrekNature would be the ideal place to have put this photo - but, sadly, TN now appears to have hit the buffers, become defunct, died, given up the ghost. I only had a very few pictures on TN but others like Luciano and Silvio were really very strong contributors to that site with their shared passion for photographing butterflies - they had hundreds of beautiful shots there and I feel very sad for them. Maybe TN will be resuscitated, who knows, but I also worry about TE itself as the technical support appears now to be non-existent.

    Take care.

    Kind Regards,