Spring Reminder

  • Hi everyone,

    This message concerns all the members of TrekEarth and especially the "new ones".

    Spring is time for great pictures but each of us must remember that the TOS does not allow close shots of flowers and/or plants.

    Rule 5 of TOS: http://www.trekearth.com/terms.php As the purpose of TrekEarth is to learn about the world through photography, shots of common objects (like closeups of any flowers or plants, water droplets, toothbrushes etc.) tend not teach us anything without a suitable note (not a Wikipedia copy or else), so unless there's a suitable note they will be deactivated at the discretion of site moderators. If you wish to post these types of image please consider using our sister site TrekLens: http://www.treklens.com/

    A solution
    If you wish to post a flower in TE, it's possible to post it in a WS of your main subject.

    Thank you and best Spring wishes!
  • Deactivated images
    "so unless there's a suitable note"

    There WAS a suitable note attached to my deactivated images, yet they were still removed.

    And the problem with beta Trekearth still has not been rectified after 5 weeks. I cannot reply to anyone unless I switch to the new version of TE.
  • Hi Chris,

    This forum is not meant for complaining about deactivation of a photo. It is written in TE rules and in fact this thread could be removed because you do complain here while you know that only Review Requests can be replied when necessary and I have also personally replied to you!
    So, again, your note was not founded sufficient by the moderator team, point.

    Also complaining about beta TrekEarth should be done on the "Feedback & Support" forum.

    Regards - Viviane / TE moderator
  • For everyone wanting to know...

    This is the way a photo with flowers is acceptable: http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Eur...oto1493255.htm

    A very nice photo with a pretty foreground filled with flowers, with a well written, short but sufficient, note w/o huge and "copied & paste" nonsense from Wikipedia or other sources. Thank you Silvio!

    Amicalement - Viviane
  • Quote: ...your note was not founded sufficient by the moderator team...
    I have been attended on a spelling mistake, sorry!

    ...your note was not found sufficient by the moderator team...
  • I would respectfully suggest that if people spent more time studying the Terms of Service and guidelines for use of the site, and less correcting the use of language and spelling, far fewer images would need to be removed.

    For those who clearly don't know about the TOS and guidelines, they can be found here :- http://www.trekearth.com/about.php