To holmertz: Algae

  • Hi Gert

    The yellow plants growing in the heated spa water are algae. It also grows in New Zealand thermal pools and I'd imagine Yellowstone and Iceland as well. 37 lira in 2013 was about $19 Au, or $14 USD. The exchange rate today is far worse, thanks to Erdogan's mismanagement of the economy. One lira is now worth just 8 cents USD. In 2013 it was worth 33 cents USD. I was warned not to submerge my head in the thermal pools in NZ because of a dangerous amoeba that thrives in the geothermal pools.
  • Hi Chris,
    I was a bit ironic when I said that 37 TL sounded cheap. I remember when they scrapped 6 zeros in the early 2000's to make 1 million old Lira equivalent to 1 new Lira. Suddenly the Lira became a normal currency again.