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Old 09-17-2008, 08:51 AM
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Default Canon 5D Mark II has arrived!

"Amstelveen, The Netherlands, 17 September 2008: Canon announces the full frame, 21.1 Megapixel EOS 5D Mark II: the first EOS with full High Definition video capability.

Compact, lightweight with environmental protection, EOS 5D successor boasts a newly designed Canon CMOS sensor, with ISO sensitivity up to 25,600 for shooting in near dark conditions. The new DIGIC 4 processor combines with the improved CMOS sensor to deliver medium format territory image quality at 3.9 frames per second, for up to 310 frames.

Triggered from Live View Mode, HD video capture allows users to shoot uninterrupted at full 1080 resolution at 30fps – for amazing quality footage with outstanding levels of detail and realism.

The integration of HD movie capability into a high-end 21.1 Megapixel camera opens a multitude of new possibilities for photojournalists and news photographers. With its full frame CMOS sensor and outstanding ISO performance, the EOS 5D Mark II will appeal to any photographer in search of the finest camera equipment available – from studio and wedding to nature and travel photographers.
Other improvements to the EOS 5D include

Addition of Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System, with a new Fluorine coating on the low-pass filter
Larger 3.0” Clear View LCD with VGA resolution, a 170° angle of view and anti-reflective coatings
Improved menu system including Quick Control Screen for more direct access to common settings
Automatic peripheral illumination correction, utilising detailed EF lens information to optimise JPEG images straight out of the camera
Magnesium alloy construction with additional environmental protection
UDMA memory card compatibility.
“Professional photojournalists and wedding photographers already choose the EOS 5D for its discrete size and outstanding image quality,” said Mogens Jensen, head of Canon Consumer Imaging. “The addition of HD movie recording opens a new chapter for EOS. It creates new possibilities for EOS photographers to capture and share their stories and to stay relevant in a rapidly changing digital landscape.”

Key Specifications:

New 21.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor with improved EOS Integrated Cleaning System (E.I.C.S.)
New Full HD 1080 resolution movie recording
3.9 frames per second continuous shooting
High performance DIGIC 4 providing superb image quality
Maximum 310 large JPEG images in a single burst with a UDMA card
3.0” VGA (920k dots) Clear View LCD
ISO 100-6400 (expansion from 50 up to 25,600)
9 AF points + 6 Assist AF points"*

More info to be found at

*DP Review

- Dan
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Old 09-17-2008, 01:46 PM
AdrianW AdrianW is offline
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Default Re: Canon 5D Mark II has arrived!

To be honest I'm slightly disappointed. I was expecting something more exciting after the fortnight of trailers on the Canon websites...

Other than the predictable upgraded features (live view, more pixels etc) the only really new thing is HD video. Whilst I'm sure some of us might use it occasionally; it's not something one tends to buy a semi-pro dSLR for.

As it stands I'm reserving judgement on image quality; but the still samples I've seen so far aren't making me particularly excited either. Canon have always tended to produce poor sample photos, but those on the Korean website are a bad even for Canon. Can't download the ones on the .jp website as their servers don't seem to be handling the load particularly well ;)

I'm also deeply underwhelmed by the UK price compared to the US price; yes ours includes [email protected]% (2299GBP), and the US doesn't include sales taxes (where applicable); but even adding NYC taxes (8% = I think; totalling 1630GBP) in our price is a lot higher. I'm hoping that's an error on DPReview.

As it stands it's cheaper to spend a weekend over there (in a reasonable hotel) and buy the camera, than it is to buy it here.
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Old 09-17-2008, 07:54 PM
AdrianW AdrianW is offline
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Default Re: Canon 5D Mark II has arrived!

OK, that's a relief the landscape sample on the .jp website is much better; it's still a bit soft for my tastes, but it does sharpen up OK.

Based on these samples I think the old 5D was better per pixel though; but the new camera does have far more of them, so on the whole it's a step forwards.

I'm still a bit concerned about the colour bleed around overexposed areas though; the .kr sunset/church shot shows a bleed of around 6px. Maybe it wasn't a final firmware camera though.

Time will tell...

I'll sti
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Old 09-17-2008, 08:45 PM
dougie dougie is offline
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Default Re: Canon 5D Mark II has arrived!

Just some thoughts.
I would tend to agree with your sentiments and feel a bit disappointed. If I want to shoot video then I use a camcorder. The sample images are not impressive.

There is definitely a market hole for Canon to fill in the 20-something megapixel semi-pro range which is maybe proving difficult if the 1DS Mklll is overpriced?. Maybe the video is included, probably at no great penalty in manufacturing cost, to help justify the price so that the camera fills the price gap?
I get the impression that Nikon are making a better job of covering the market with a range of models in reasonably stepped price intervals, though I don't look at them very often, which is really the first thing that most folk think about.

I would have liked to have seen a bit more speed and a sealed body.

I may be talking rubbish (it's happened before and will again) but I'll certainly trial one. Don't think I'll be running to the shops just yet though.
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Old 09-19-2008, 04:47 AM
danielswalsh danielswalsh is offline
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Default Re: Canon 5D Mark II has arrived!

I have to admit guys, I'm liking what I'm seeing...
I think I'll be getting this one as my second camera.
- Dan
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Old 09-19-2008, 05:38 AM
rgarrigus rgarrigus is offline
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Default Re: Canon 5D Mark II has arrived!


To be honest the MKII has some nice features but I don't find it a big enough improvement over my old-fashioned 5D to justify buying something new. I would like to someday have the auto sensor cleaning feature. Lower noise at higher ISOs means lower noise in the lower ISOs that I typically use so that would be nice. I might also be able to freeze water in low-light to please renato :) 21MP would help me as it would give me more cropping options and still be able to print large images. For now though I'm not that bothered to simply move closer to my subjects (optically or physically) and try to get the best comp in camera. For me personally the video thing is a waste and rather bizarre. My intended outputs are 72dpi web images, prints up to 16x24 and the occasional magazine publication which my current 5D body achieves perfectly. Even though the MKII has several "nice to haves" it really wouldn't be a significant enough improvement to my imagery or workflow over my current 5D so I'm waiting. Now, if I were still using my 350D and considering an upgrade to full-frame I'd almost certainly go for the 5D MKII. If I didn't have such a significant investment in Canon glass I might very well be looking at some of the new Nikon bodies as they are killer.

If I had money to burn I'd break the bank and get a Hasselblad H3D (39MP) ;)


Bob G.
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