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Great Clairedelune 2009-01-10 13:06

[2007-02-16 18:32]
It is difficult for me to comment this photo. I cannot pretend that I know what it is all about. If Iím able to speak at length about Catholicism, I canít speak about Communism. I cannot pretend to understand the meaning of military boots echoing in a modest house in Poland in 1977. Oh yes, I saw movies, but this is not cinema. This is real life.
So, whatís left to me? To open my eyes and look carefully. And read carefully. And hear the emotions resonating through this photo, through your words. The photo in itself has a feel. Old photo, thatís for sure. I canít help it, I like old photos, old buildings, old stories... I wonder, this man, is he still alive? Did he become a fugitive in his turn? How circumstances can make a man to act one way, or the other? And I see many books there... And old photos on a wall... And probably the bed of a baby... All that is moving George...
And your words... I cannot name the emotion coming from them. But there is emotion, thatís what is important to me. Even the "spasiba" is reverberating...
You will have to share this green smiley with your wife though. Not only she probably made the pie, but she was the one who had the thought in the first place. ;)


I don't know why you have chosen to copy one part in bold letters, but I kept it this way.

And I have a little gift for you. Read the thread...

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Default To Clairedelune: The part missing...

For Isabela, John (jmcl), Pat (plimrn) and myself who thought your answer to my critique had value, here your answer:

How to understand?

Thanks Claire for being so honest.
Not an easy photo.
Understandable for those only who knows what a Soviet Army was. In all of those countries all over Eastern Europe - they there were...
The only power that keeps those countries under the regime. This terrifying army of million of soldiers, very poor, having absolutely nothing to offer, everything to take. There were constant rumors about them, dirty jokes, repulsive quotes.
Scary times...
Whispers: What about if they do this or that...
Representatives of gigantic country with horrific weapons, without any traditions of democracy, or respects for human laws... And yet human beings like all of us... There were guarding the laws, that were destroying the common sense and they were also a victims of the same laws...
The theme like river long... You'd have to study this dark era of communism. Its innumerable atrocities,
guts wrenching lack of common sense, gigantic propaganda, and everything of that in the name of love for the people, to keep the global peace, for eternal happiness, for bright future - years after years, decades after decades...
And there he was... A representative of that stinky power - The Russian Soldier.
Warm human being. Falling apart in the cozy warm of my living room.
Only very few people will understand the symbol of that photo.
Its absolutely uniqueness. Possibly, the only one photo of its kind among half-a-million photos on TE.
Gosh... We can sit the whole night thru and talk about these events, but... What's the purpose?
Rather... Let's have a look at those bushes over the lake on this generously awarded photo of.. well... bushes over the lake (:-)))

And my answer:
Gosh... We can sit the whole night thru and talk about these events, but... What's the purpose?
To share stories.
One of the greatest gift in life.
When people know how to tell stories.
Like you.
There is people who are more than ready to listen.
Like me.

Have the most beautiful weekend!

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Default Re: To Clairedelune: The part missing...

Priceless recovery for me...

How often we look back at our very own words, written down and we simply don't believe it...

Was it me who spoke these words ?

No, I don't deny them... I still strongly believe in what I said back then and probably even more, yet...
It's funny...It's just funny to look at yourself just the short several months back.

Claire - you are the one and only who saved those shaggy thoughts of mine...

Kissing your hands, dear...

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